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The Secret to Moving Fine Art

Judy Ragagli

The Secret to Moving Fine ArtThey say moving households is one of the most stressful times in someone’s life. Studies have consistently reported that moving is one of the most stressful life events because of the tiny details involved in moving to a new home. If you are moving art, the transportation of art should be handled with extra care. You do not want to move to your new home and unpack your art and discover it was damaged in the moving process. Personally like to move art separate from other items to risk damage. Packers, even if they are...

Bridal Barbie

Judy Ragagli

Bridal Barbie

Don't you love looking at wedding dresses? In 1961, Mattel released the first wedding dress for Barbie. Since then, many bridal gowns have been created by famous fashion designers exclusively for Barbie. Take a look at these gorgeous pics of Barbie in a wedding dress!



Badgley Mischka Bride Barbie Doll,2003




Carolina Herrara Bride Babie Doll, 2005




Marie Therese Silkstone Fashion Model Barbie Bride, 2001




Milliennium Wedding Barbie, 2000




Monique Lhullier Bride Barbie Doll, 2006




Principessa Barbie Doll Bride, 2014




Reem Acra Bride Barbie Doll, 2007



Romance Barbie Doll, 2006




Vera Wang Bride: The Romanticist Barbie Doll, 2008



Vera-Wang-Bride-The Traditionalist-Barbie-Doll-2011

Vera Wang Bride: The Traditionalist Barbie Doll, 2011




Elvis and Priscilla Barbie Doll, 2008






Barbie & The Little Black Dress: An Aha! Moment

Judy Ragagli

Barbie & The Little Black Dress: An Aha! Moment
People often ask me, “Don’t you get sick of painting Barbie?” My obvious answer is no. The journey of painting Barbie is never boring and each painting is always challenging. The painting and art process is an ever-changing journey…. mistakes are made, colors go wrong, and life happens. As artists, hopefully, we find a certain rhythm where we do our best work and where we find our “inner voice,” “light-bulb moments.” and “aha! moments.” I believe all of this comes in time and often at times when we least expect it. -It sort of just hits us, and then it all comes together.

Barbie and The Year You Were Born: The Very Vintage 1959 - the Sixties

Judy Ragagli

Barbie and The Year You Were Born: The Very Vintage 1959 - the Sixties
Happy Birthday Barbie!   Barbie turns 61 on March 9, 2020.  This day commemorates Barbie's actual birth date when she made made her spectacular debut at the New York Toy Fair in 1959.  She wore a striped black and white strapless bathing suit, black high-heeled open-toed heels, and gold hoop earrings. When I first began painting oils of Barbie, I only painted the vintage Barbies from 1959 through the Sixties.  Many people have asked me why I only paint the vintage Barbies from that specific decade.   I love the hairstyles, wardrobe, and makeup, but, mainly I love the seriousness of her expression.  -She always seemed to know something I didn't.  She looks thoughtful, moody, and sophisticated.  Scroll through the collection below to see what vintage Barbie looked like the year you were born during 1959 to 1969.


Christie Barbie: Celebrating Black History Month

Judy Ragagli

Christie Barbie:  Celebrating Black History Month
We celebrate Black History Month to recognize the sacrifices, contributions, and achievements of African Americans to the United States and the world.  During the civil rights movement, 1968 welcomed Christie into the Mattel family, Barbie's first African American friend.