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The Secret to Moving Fine Art

Judy Ragagli

The Secret to Moving Fine Art

They say moving households is one of the most stressful times in someone’s life. Studies have consistently reported that moving is one of the most stressful life events because of the tiny details involved in moving to a new home. If you are moving art, the transportation of art should be handled with extra care. You do not want to move to your new home and unpack your art and discover it was damaged in the moving process. Personally like to move art separate from other items to risk damage. Packers, even if they are professional, often do not know how to properly pack art. Art is a valuable asset and here are some effective ways you can protect your art.

Protecting The Art:

If your artwork has a glass cover, place a thick cardboard piece the same size as your art over the front and back. You can cut a large box to fit the size of your artwork or you can buy the cardboard pieces at a box supply company. This will add extra protection to your artwork. Then start by wrapping the artwork in paper pads, then add layers of bubble wrap. After it is wrapped, place in large a mirror box.

If your artwork does not have a glass covering, wrap the artwork in clear plastic sheeting. You can get this at hardware stores. (Plastic sheeting is often used in landscaping projects). Start by wrapping the artwork in the plastic sheeting. Then wrap it in bubble wrap a few layers. Make sure bubbles are facing out. Place in a large mirror box.

Inside the large mirror box, add some crumpled up paper at the bottom, then place the carefully wrapped artwork inside. You can always add sheets of cardboard in between the artwork and extra crumpled paper on the sides of the box. You do not want any movement inside the large mirror box (this is how things get banged around while moving).

I hope these tips and techniques help for a smooth move!

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