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Riding in the Park Barbie Wall clock


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Riding in the Park Barbie Wall clock
Riding in the Park Barbie Wall clock
Riding in the Park Barbie Wall clock


Keep time and never be late with a Riding in the Park Barbie clock!  Original artwork/oil painting by Judy Ragagli.  A charming and glamorous accent in any room, this Barbie Wall Clock serves as a statement piece, creating a personalized environment.  Anyone with a sense of style will enjoy this fun wall clock.

Product Highlights:
• Features original oil painting “Riding in the Park Barbie" by Judy Ragagli
• Great for kitchen, dining room, offices and more
• Wooden frame
• Plexiglass face
• Pre-installed backside hook
• For indoor use
• Requires one AA battery (NOT included)
• Silent clock mechanism
• To clean, wipe dust off with clean microfiber cloth.

About “Riding in the Park Barbie" Oil painting by Judy Ragagli

Dripping with class, this charming 1967 Ruby Red Color Magic Barbie is shown at her very best!  Displaying an understated and refined elegance, she sports an English riding ensemble featuring a sleeveless white satin blouse with ascot, a houndstooth jacket, and topped off with a riding hat that completes this classy outfit.
Known for being an animal lover, Barbie had many horses and enjoyed riding.  Horses symbolize love, devotion, courage, loyalty, freedom, nobility, intellect, energy, strength, beauty, grace and love.....All of the qualities Barbie symbolizes.

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